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Legal Advisors, Attorneys & Experts Affairs Center

Serial No. J / 90 – 005653

Expert License

(Photo of the holder affixed and sealed)

Expert License No.                                                   :    4329

Date License Issued                                                 :    December 12th, 2007

Expert Booklet No.                                                  :    3862

Date Booklet Issued                                                :    January 27th, 2008

Expert’s Name & Surname                                    :    SEYED MEHRDAD JAVADI

Father’s Name                                                          :    SEYED NEJAT

ID card No.                                                                :    202, issued in Khalkhal

Date of Birth                                                             :    August 23rd, 1976

National No.                                                              :    1639086137

Place of Residence                                                   :    Tehran

Expert Field                                                               :    Road & Construction

File No.                                                                       :    50/1711

[Photo of the holder affixed and sealed]

This authorization is awarded to the holder of this license to provide expert advice in the following affairs:

-      Appraisal of non-arable lands and buildings

-      Determination and modification of rental fee and remunerations

-      Estimation of construction expenses

-      Costing and size Measurement in terms of Meter and Building Estimation and determination of scope of work progress and remuneration of construction works.

-      Attending to the disputes between contractors, employers and consulting engineers

-      Appraising residential buildings

-      Determination of size of damage and cause thereof

-      Determination of goodwill and business rights

-      Recognize good performance of construction projects and works as far as technical and executive features are concerned.

* This license expires on October 22nd, 2018


-      Center for Legal Advisors, Attorneys and Experts Affairs

[Signed and sealed on October 9th, 2016]

True Translation Certified / Tehran – February 14th, 2017