Surveying, recognition and determination of limit and location of registered properties and real estates.
Presentation of UTM map and determination of global coordinates.
Preparation of location view of properties for lands & deed registries and in execution of new Act for properties which lack title deed
To conform area, and limit and recognition of disputes and conflict of ownership documents, excess area.
Separation and division of joint ownership properties and buildings.
Opinion announcement regarding registered article 140, 147, 148.
Comparative examination of prohibitive law of registered land status and building lack of official document and by-laws.
Interpretation of aerial pictures in lands and implementation of registered tag on land and plan.
Preparation of map for properties lack of length and dimensions for presenting to office of municipalities and lands & deed registry.
Surveying and implementing boundary of properties on aerial map.
Recognition of Waste and Uncultivated Lands in Construction Viewpoint