Official Expert of Justice

Services of Group of Lawyers & Official Experts of Administration of Justice ( Iran ) in Fields of Technical and Engineering Specific to Employer, Contractors, Consulting Engineers and Executive Managers for Internal ( Iran ) and Foreign Companies.

As to the presenting necessity services of both accurate legal and technical expertise in the backdrop of looking into contracts’ disputes between contractors , employers and consultants and with respect to activist of construction domain, the company focuses its entire energy and scientific & executive capability on the progress of specialized objective of the aggregate under its management and certainly does not have opportunity to study or extend familiarity with legal science and conformity of available rules & by-law with present conditions in the current contracts and in extreme due to lack of mutual agreement regarding interoperation of various contract’s items in many development projects and concluded contracts between employees, contractors, consultants and executive mangers and partly lack of information or dominance of one of the parties to the method of looking into documents, statements of account, sessions summaries and… leads the subject to become more complicated and exodus of specialty discussions and driving that toward legal conflicts is the results of this shortcoming that unfortunately the aforesaid issues combining with other reasons such as lack of sound management of financial resources through mangers of employers and /or lack of sufficient financial resources for plans’ execution or lack of sound estimation of execution expense through consulting engineers; currently has become one of the problem and inseparable part for execution of the development plans in such a way that most contracts have similar result as mentioned above and main loser here are those contractors whom for safeguarding trust of sovereign company with trend toward execution growth by paying extreme expenses as cash willingly try to continue projects execution in this disturbed market of prices and because both litigations parties despite having dominance to technical and scientific issues of the project, mainly because of lack of presence of legal units or legal consultant specialized in affairs of development execution in companies of private sectors, mostly don’t have familiarity with legal issues in their counted rights in rules and comparison of current conditions with that, therefore conclusion of issues ends up by generous disposition of the party whom rarely knows legal aspects his rightful claims and its main reason is the existence of conception from stretching of legal procedure in the courts and lack of access to lawyers, legal consultants and expertise of administration of justice; an expert who have dominance to legal, by-laws, technical, scientific and executive issues of contract are also added to the reason.

Of course the existence of intricate baseless pretension of some of legal consultants whom claim having dominance to every claims and only think of obtaining little more attorney’s fee should not be ignored that the lack of obtaining desirable result through these individuals and lose of time, effort and paid expense through claiming parties and release of dossier to the cycle of destiny also doubles the distrust and this culture should only become customary that valuable services of experts which speeds up the purpose also is expensive. Also value and high cost of services is sign of reason and philosophy which we all know about and must be well-matured that the individual who dominates his field of work in aforesaid cases spends his valuable time, energy and expense to a type of work that by studying documents at the beginning and is assure of result and it doesn’t make any difference to him to receive his fee before completion of work; or after completion of assigned duties and presentation of foresighted result. In case executive managers benefit from consultation of lawyer and proficient specialist of this field can achieve the following results prior to refer the plan to judicial authorities:

Examination of disputed documents and extracting required effective complementary documents for trail.
Forecasting outcome of close to final result of trail, judgment or expert work form initial results of investigation.
Announcement of approximate time of accessing to foresighted result.
Accurate information from probable expenses of trail and fee of expert workers as well as attorney’s fee
Accurate estimation of claims and examination of cases which were ignored from viewpoint of executive managers.
Estimation of claims in terms of Rial in payment date and updating them for right decision making.
Familiarity with important constituents of time management in trail and their using for minimizing destructive works on financial strength by passage of time.

The above mentioned cases are subjects that if a manager have access to them in short period of time in the domain of executing development projects then with time and cost management could obtain accurate decisions for achieving the right of aggregate under his management and lack of comprehensive information from expense and looking into similar disputes is the factor of concession from rightful claims of contractors who partly inflect irreversible damages to the companies as well.

On the whole, with development and growth of development projects and different method of management and execution and progress of science and techniques and change of issues’ nature and disputes, the need for having experts in combined sciences of legal ad technical is felt daily. The complexity of legal issues in society doubles the necessity of presenting specialty services of legal and technical, specially in technical and engineering disputes.

This important issue, currently have occurred, since it seems that a group consists of active group of construction fields concerning all architecture, development, mechanical & electrical installations and lawyers and official experts of administration of justice should have established which its member aside other executive activities using past experiences in execution domain could present these experiences in the form of service group which gathered with a single goal.

Coordination and dominance of these group members was factor of obtaining very desirable results in cases of referral disputes on behalf of contractors which associated documents with these successes for withdrawal of announced subjects to be available from form of claim and theory to possible practical sample of obtained results through group and would be presented to you in near future as case study.

The pretexts framework of group services prepared with study of capacities and need assessment of services as a complete package in various dispute cases which ultimately its outcome inferred to access of managers to complete & comprehensive information from near occurring results and obtaining decision of referring order of consultation or to entrust the execution of trail stages to group consists of official experts of administration of justice, lawyers and engineers and renowned executors with background in domain of construction concerning all from architecture, development, electric & mechanical installations would avail through accurate study and probable forecast of the results.

In this section of subject matter, the pretexts of comprehensive services associated with above explanation is cited while presenting brief explanation for familiarity with them in case there exist colleagues who need to obtain such services, become familiar with execution method of these services. Need to mention that you could contact with the group and obtain more information through the following email address این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید and also could contact through office phone number. In the meanwhile, presentation of consulting services and or pilot study of dossier is completely free of charge for respectful members of Construction Companies Association.